Escapespace V.02 – ArtNow Toronto

Connected by our interests in the evolution and transformation of space made possible through interaction, perception and dialogue with our environments, escapespace v.02 was a collaborative art installation between Evelyne Au-Navioz, Roman Lifshitz, Sisley Leung and I. It was showcased at Toronto City Hall – Nathan Phillips Square – from July 4-6, 2014 as part of ArtNow – One of Toronto’s largest outdoor art festivals.

Creating a dialogue with the existing site, this site-specific installation took advantage of the existing concrete tile grid and explored how that grid could be manipulated along a vertical axes to create new forms that distort reality. To emphasize this distortion the sculptural form was mirrored on all sides and projected through one of the few small trees within Nathan Phillips Square. This was also intended to highlight the contrast between concrete & nature – inorganic & organic while transforming the existing grid into one that alters reality through reflection.


Escapespace v.02

Escapespace v.02 - Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto