The Encampment

“The Encampment” – a collaborative artwork completed for Luminato, 2012. Curated by Thomas & Guinevere the installation was intended to commemorate the bicentenary of the war of 1812 by honouring the civilian life through a collaborative installation at Fort York. The installation consisted of 200 tents set up on the Fort York grounds, with each tent encasing an art installation intended to unearth and transpose 200 civilian stories from the War of 1812. The end result was a massive collective expression of art and history.

As one of the creative collaborators I was responsible for the creation of installations for two tents, each representing a different character – Thomas Ridout and Richard Cartwright. The images above highlight the installation as a whole (by Thomas & Guinivere), and the installation that I completed for Thomas Ridout. Creating a series of descending triangles within the tent I intended emphasize his life as a surveyor, creating an illusion of depth within the space and accentuating the surveying theory of triangulation. To increase the environmental quality within the tent and emphasize Thomas Ridout’s loyalty to the British Empire, strings were attached to the triangles in varied directions as the triangles descend. This resulted in the creation of an abstract union jack when viewed from the appropriate perspective, and appeared dematerialized otherwise.

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